My name is Isabelle, and I’m a twenty year old college senior from Illinois! Healthierhopeful is my blog that I have recently started, in an attempt to record my permanent transition from not caring about what I put into my body, to actually watching what I eat. Blogging and social media have been interests of mine for quite some time now, but rather than just reading I am now trying to write.

I will be documenting all my attempts at cooking healthy, nutritionally satisfying foods in my poorly equipped college kitchen. With my limited supplies, picky eating habits, and iPhone camera in hand I would like to showcase everything I try to create, successful or not. I love the challenge of re-creating a typically unhealthy meal with healthy substitutions. Though I may not be a “cook” I am one hell of a cupcake baker (you’ll get to see a lot of that too)

I will also be talking about random things I go through in my life as a college senior.

It is my hope that this blog can inspire any one else in the world to change their habits, and show that eating well is possible, even on a crazy college campus.


Thanks and enjoy!


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    • Michelle! Thank you so much! My goodness, what an honor! Currently, I’m experiencing problems with my computer so I’m having a hard time posting regularly, but the second I can get on, I will be sure to follow up with the nomination. Thank you so much for taking the time to read healthierhopeful and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed 🙂

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