I have not officially signed up, but on April 27th 2013 I will be running in the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon.

Though my training plan from halfmary.com doesn’t have me starting to train until October 15th, I thought it would be a good idea to maybe start a little bit earlier (October 1st) Here, I will be adding links to posts relating my training runs and anything else that might have to do with the run.

This will be my first marathon. I did the half in 2011, but I really only ran about half of it.  So I guess I did a quarter marathon? I didn’t train at all. I mean that. I ran ONCE during my “training”. I finished in 3:03:04. So ya, that’s how slow I was, about a 14 minute mile. I will try to do much better. My goal for the marathon is really just to finish. It will take me however long it takes me. I will have completed a marathon, and that’s more than a lot of people can say.

Running Reviews: Will give a brief run description. This will include the amount of time my run took, the mileage, when I walked/ran/etc, and screenshots from apps that I use to track. Comments portion will be very blunt feelings and thoughts I had about the run. This would almost be like I was just jotting thoughts into a notebook. I will talk about any thoughts I can recall from my run. Changes will include the changes I will be making for my next run. I basically take any negative thoughts I had about the run, and talk about how I would like change them for my future runs!

Enjoy! Please email any suggestions or tips to healthierhopeful@gmail.com. I really have no idea what I’m doing.

Running Reviews

First Unofficial Training Run 10.02.2012

Run 10.03.2012


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